Guidance , organization, management , and supplier control your transport logistics : business, VIP and events

We manage your travels and those of your customers in France and abroad .

Go Between , one contact for your air travel, land, sea.

Discretion, quality of service and expertise,

our only limit ... yours !

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Our Services

Private driver

We provide our private drivers and valet service . For a few hours or several days, enjoy the drive .

The ideal solution to chain your appointments without wasting time and without parking problems.

Ideal for professionals, management teams or business trips .

Luxury car rental

Hire a limousine , a luxury car or a sports car , with or without driver . Go Between also allows you to book a bilingual driver for your occasional or regular trips . With the confidence of many partners we find the most attractive prices in real time .

Yacht and boat

Private yachts , motor boats , launches, barges ...

The ultimate luxury to get away discreetly at your own pace , visiting spots where only boats can reach , on the Seine or the Riviera , enjoy our experience.

Transport business - vip

We manage your travels and those of your customers in France and abroad . . A single contact for all your transport logistics Air / Land / Sea Go Between combines discretion, quality of service and expertise, only one rule : be at your service in a prestigious setting and luxe.pour all your travel and premium VIP.

Private jet rental

With our partners we serve as airfields with short runways as international airports , enabling our customers to access a network of nearly 2,200 airports and aerodromes throughout Europe and land as well as close to their destinations.

Transport premium groups

Trade unions , sports clubs , artists travel or sports teams, political meetings or travel group .

Go-between is adapted transport and organizes all your group trips .

Transport events

Seminars, conferences , festivals , sports events ...

It is with the greatest rigor as Go -Between will accompany you in organizing logistics for professional or private event in France or abroad . Efficient and anxious to meet your requirements , our sales team will provide a suitable response to your needs.

Helicopter rental

The helicopter is the ideal means of transportation for short flights or to free airport destinations. Our customers use our helicopters to reach a ski resort , a hotel, an event or stadium from the airport. Perfect also to present a city or landscape to your partners.

Taxi Moto

The transport solution to save time. You are 100% guaranteed to arrive on time at all your business appointments. The motorcycle taxi is the ideal transport for your transfer stations, airports or private trips.


You need we can

Go Between is also:

- Dispatching drivers

- Close protection

- Event Hostesse

- Business Events Logistic

Transport logistics includes a plurality of solutions. Whatever your need, we will find the solution.

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Go Between, is also...

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Glint magazine :  fashion, beauty, jewelry , photos , exhibitions, cinema, buzz, art , travel, trip, decoration, accessories , artistic ....

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Our customers

  • Companies
  • Liberal professions ( notaries, lawyers, insurance agents, doctors)
  • Groups and political organizations
  • Unions and trade associations
  • Travel agencies
  • sports clubs
  • clubs business
  • Conciergerie
  • Luxurious hotel
  • Event agency
  • Communication agency
  • Luxury and fashion group
  • Travelers clubs
  • National council ( doctors, dentists , notaries ... )
  • Clubs business
  • Business Committees
  • Festival Organization
  • Wedding Planner
  • Organization of seminars
  • VIP clubs of the Parisian locations ( Accords Arena, Stade de France, Bastille Opéra , ...)

Our partners

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